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Katie believed strongly in providing leadership development opportunities to young people. She wanted to “pay it forward!” The KM Legacy Foundation if proud to uphold Katie’s beliefs and offer scholarships to students to further their development.


FUHS Graduating seniors leadership scholarships

At Fullerton High School Senior Awards event on 5/15/2019, the KM Legacy Foundation awarded scholarships totaling $30,000 to twenty-four seniors! Congratulations to these deserving students: Abby Banner, Andrew Caluya, Urooj Naveed, Victoria Avina-Alvarado, Drew Soderquist, Julia Nguyen, Devin Ricklef, Audry Jeong, Chole Reese, Marie Munoz, Mikayla Haugen, Sandra O'Sullivan, Ryan Chang, Jacqueline Taylor, Kara Taylor, Maren Summers, Carey Martin, Karen Martinez, Abigail Lange, Tate Heinle, Sebastian Armas, Emmy Yzhuerra, Alice Chun and Katherine Trimble.

We wish these students continued success as they pursue their college educations. We are very proud to be among the many generous organizations/groups who presented scholarships last nigh!

To see a video of the presentation, click this link.

2019 NSLC Recipients.jpg

national student leadership conference scholarship

Each year the KM Legacy Foundation will sponsor an FUHS ASB student to attend the Natoinal Student Leadership Conference. If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, complete the attached application and submit it prior to the deadline.